I’m so excited for Spring, there is something about daffodils that just make me happy – maybe it’s knowing that Spring and warmer weather is on it’s way or just their gorgeous sunny yellow colour.


It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, things have been quite busy over at Paper Fudge HQ! Well first I gave myself a few days off and had the pleasure of celebrating my 30th (still can’t get used to saying that) Birthday. I had a lovely evening with my girlies drinking luxury Mojitos in Manchester and then my super boyfriend whisked me away on a surprise trip to the Lake District for the night. It was a perfect, sunny, cake-filled weekend and I feel pretty fabulous about turning 30 to be honest!


Work wise, I’ve been working on lots of personalised cards and experimenting with fabric and felt. Now I’m by no means an expert on the old sewing machine but I love the effect of stitching on cards and there are so many gorgeous fabrics around that I’ve been incorporating on my cards. I’ve started using my sewing machine more and more recently, in a technique I like to call ‘free style’. It doesn’t matter if the lines aren’t straight or if it’s a bit messy, that’s the while ‘handmade’ look! I’ve also used fabric and stitching effects on 2 of my newest wedding stationery ranges – Summer Fete and Shabby Polka Dots. Check out lots more cards on my Facebook page.


I’ve also been hand painting wooden shapes recently – hearts, stars and…cupcakes! With a bit of my favourite rustic string they make lovely gifts and wedding favours. I will add these to my site as soon as I’ve developed the whole collection.


As I write this I’m patiently waiting for news on one of my ‘Happy Brides’ and close friends who is in labour, very, very exciting! I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. I best get my baby making card skills ready for the little bundle of joy!