Being quite new to the Manchester/Bury/Bolton area (I kind of live on the border of all three) I’m always looking for new things to do, places to visit etc. So I was quite excited to see a ‘Chocolate Festival’ being advertised in the quaint Lancashire town of Ramsbottom, this past weekend.

We went along yesterday (it would be rude not to really!) and enjoyed a day of sampling gorgeous, high quality, handmade chocolate from traders all around the UK including locals The Chocolate Cafe and Slattery’s. I passed on the chicken tikka masala flavoured chocolate and stuck to the more traditional milk flavour!

Of course a day out like this wouldn’t be complete without the addition of cake and I came across a cupcake maker that I’d not heard of before that goes by the name of Cupcakes by Sophia. We bought a couple – I went for caramel fudge and James went for raspberry ripple. They were delicious, a nice, light, fluffy sponge and such good value too. Nothing annoys me more than spending a ridiculous amount of money on a cupcake from a posh ‘cupcakery’, only to find that the sponge is horribly dry!

So a good day out at the Choc Fest, bought enough chocolate to keep us going for a good few weeks – I try and only eat chocolate on a Friday night as my weekly indulgence…mmm, we’ll see how well I stick to that little rule!