It’s no secret I’m a big fan of cupcakes, anyone who follows me on Twitter will probably see I tweet an awful lot about cakes. Although I probably enjoy the baking and decorating more than the actual eating – eating is good (obviously!) but I love how you can be so creative with cupcakes and that anything goes basically!

I’ve had a few special occasions in the past month which has allowed me to make some lovely cupcakes. I just can’t turn up at a friend’s house for a Birthday celebration without a polka dot cake tin brimming with treats, any more than I would go and buy a Birthday card from a shop – it’s just what I do. So here are a few photos of my recent bakes. I’m by no means a professional baker and I’ve barely even tried modelling with sugarcraft before but I do believe you don’t have to be an expert at anything to make cupcakes that will bring a smile to people’s faces.

Party ring cupcakes









These were made for my beautiful friend and bride-to-be (as mentioned in my previous post) who celebrated her 30th Birthday last week. I knew I wanted to make something a bit silly and a bit funky so why not pipe super, bright pink icing on a cupcake and stick a ‘party ring’ biscuit in it?! And the big ‘30’ candles were a special touch.


Summer fruits cupcakes









The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was another excuse to bake, I baked for Wills & Kate’s wedding last year – not actually ‘for’ their wedding (although I’m sure they would have loved my cupcakes) but you know what I mean! So using my favourite summer fruits and a delicious cream cheese frosting, I created these patriotic red, blue and white cupcakes.


Wedding cupcakes









One of my lovely friends, Janey, got married in Italy a couple of weeks ago, which was a very small, intimate affair with close friends and family. So when Jane and a her new hubby Andrew got back to (a very rainy) Manchester they had another celebration with everyone. Jane asked me and Kara (another keen baker) if we could make a few cupcakes for the guests and of course we obliged! So I made these pretty pastel coloured cupcakes using a new rose effect nozzle and Kara baked two batches of extremely chocolately, chocolate cupcakes. I don’t think there were any left by the end of the night!


Chocolate orange cupcakes









And finally, I made these chocolate orange cupcakes when visiting my lovely friends, Nichola and Jay, in Doncaster last month. These happen to be personal favourites of Mr Thomas and as I happened to still have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange left over from Christmas I thought it would be rude not to make them and I think they were greatly received. The gorgeous sponge includes orange juice, orange zest and orange extract which makes a very orangey cake!

Think I’m a bit caked out now, but unfortunately it’s cake club tomorrow night which means more baking and cake consuming…..