I love a challenge and getting the chance to work on something a bit different. Cemile came to me in January, not really knowing what she wanted but certain she didn’t want anything that was too rustic/country/shabby-chic/romantic/traditional….(you get the picture) and that style wouldn’t really suit their London wedding.

So that ruled out pretty much all of my handmade ranges! But it gave me the chance to design a style I love using hand-lettering, sometimes it’s nice to go back to my sketchbook instead of always using the computer! I’d been experimenting with quirky doodles so I came up with a range called – the Doodle Love Map.

Like most couples, Cemile & Adam have lived in a few places and have a story about how they got together. So I created a custom hand drawn map highlighting their story. Luckily they both loved the design and I went on to design a table plan, table names and thank you cards for them.

Cemile and Adam got married on July 20th in London – congratulations to a very lovely couple who were great to work with!