Summer Stationery Round Up

I’ve been so busy recently I’ve not really had much time to write a blog post! I’ve been making lots of Save the Date cards for weddings next year – including sending an order to a lovely bride in New York and I’ve set up my own Etsy shop – details to follow about that later!

Here is a montage of my recent work, lots of handmade loveliness!

Summer mix

Cemile & Adam

I love a challenge and getting the chance to work on something a bit different. Cemile came to me in January, not really knowing what she wanted but certain she didn’t want anything that was too rustic/country/shabby-chic/romantic/traditional….(you get the picture) and that style wouldn’t really suit their London wedding.

So that ruled out pretty much all of my handmade ranges! But it gave me the chance to design a style I love using hand-lettering, sometimes it’s nice to go back to my sketchbook instead of always using the computer! I’d been experimenting with quirky doodles so I came up with a range called – the Doodle Love Map.

Like most couples, Cemile & Adam have lived in a few places and have a story about how they got together. So I created a custom hand drawn map highlighting their story. Luckily they both loved the design and I went on to design a table plan, table names and thank you cards for them.

Cemile and Adam got married on July 20th in London – congratulations to a very lovely couple who were great to work with!


Nursery Mural

My lovely friends Nichola and Jay (you might remember their farm/festival wedding from 2011) are expecting their first baby in the next few weeks which is super exciting! As this will be another Paper Fudge baby, I was honoured to be asked to paint a mural for the new baby’s nursery. Not knowing what the sex of the baby was, it had to be quite neutral so Nichola and Jay asked for a tree with birds and an owl of course.

I have a lot of experience of painting on canvases but not on walls of this scale! So I was slightly nervous but I got my bag of acrylics and fuelled with plenty of tea and biscuits provided by a heavily pregnant Nichola I happily painted away. We were all really pleased with the results and hopefully the baby will like his/her artwork too! I really enjoyed doing this and would definitely like to try it again.


A well needed holiday in Dubrovnik

I’m a great believer in ‘working to live’ so after a very busy hard working 6 months and with the excellent news that my boyfriend (James) had passed all his accountancy exams (yay!) we jetted off to for an amazing holiday in Croatia….

Beautiful buildings, idyllic islands, scorching sun and fantastic food – Dubrovnik was the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration. Would definitely recommend a visit.


Doodle Cards

  A new year brings new ideas for greeting cards, time to refresh my collections and challenge my creativity into producing some new designs!

I spend a lot of time doodling in my sketchbook and it occured to me that some of these mindless doodles could actually be used as images for cards. So as it’s coming up to that time of year again (I don’t actually believe in Valentines day but as a greeting card designer it’s kind of essential that I do!) I thought I’d express my love for my boyfriend in a doodle. And saying I love him more than cake is a lot coming from me!

These are the easiest kind of cards, I can create them just sat on my sofa with my sketchbook and a black gel pen – that is it! I’m currently thinking of and planning lots of designs similar to this so watch this space!

Love and doodles,

Suzy xx

The Beatles in Pop Art

 I was recently asked to paint a Pop Art style painting of The Beatles by a big fan of the fab four. I’ve not painted for a while, having been consumed by wedding stationery orders over the past year but I do love to paint so it was a nice change to get my paint brushes out and put my easel to good use. I chose to use a long narrow canvas as it works well, showing just the heads of Ringo, John, Paul and George. I usually work in just black and white but I think adding the pop of yellow behind really makes the painting stand out and creates a vibrant piece of art that would look good in any home.

If you like this, have a look at more of my Pop Art paintings over here.

Kara & Gary’s Engagement Shoot

You might remember my blog post about Kara & Gary and their super cool vinyl wedding invitations. Well their wedding is fast approaching and they recently had a pre-wedding shoot by their chosen wedding photographers, Raw Wedding Photography. I just have to share the photos as they’re amazing and a taster of what the photos are going to be like on the big day! See the shoot here

Glamping at Lincoln Yurts

If you like the idea of camping but don’t quite like the idea of being cold, sleeping on the ground and need a bit of luxury in your life then staying at Lincoln Yurts would be perfect get-away for you! I’ve recently had a few days off from making pretty Paper Fudge creations and my boyfriend and I spent a night at the yurts to get away from everything and have some precious relaxation time.

Inside the Mongolian Yurt

The yurts are owned by friends of ours Darren and Katherine who work tremendously hard to keep their yurts up to a superb quality and ensure their guests are very well looked after. There are 5 yurts in total: French, Mongolian, Oriental, Gothic and Balinese, each one stylishly themed with incredibly comfortable beds! The yurts get lovely and cosy with the wood burners on and candles lit and the peaceful surroundings guarantee an excellent night’s sleep.

Enjoying a perfect Summer’s evening!

Treat yourself to a night of luxury with a difference, I love this place.

Anchor Point

I’m very excited to be working on a new nautical range of wedding stationery, affectionately named “Anchor Point”. Why is this name affectionate I hear you ask? Well, back in 2009 I spent one of the best years of my life living in sunny Sheffield in an apartment complex that was called Anchor Point, so I felt I owed it to my new collection to name it after something that meant so much to me. I actually named it before I finished designing it.

I love the seaside – striped deckchairs, ice cream, the fresh sea air and fish and chips too! I’ve always wanted to design a nautical range. I used navy blues, stripes, sand coloured/textured card, a cute anchor graphic and a relaxed but traditional font. I think these factors convey the feel of the seaside perfectly and would really complement a wedding by the sea with a subtle nautical theme. Whitby and Scarborough both offer gorgeous venues for a seaside wedding at Whitby Pavilion and Scarborough Spa. I’m currently finalising the design so hope to have the full range up on the site soon.